Why do I set?

June 10, 2019    |   by Kim Polisois

My name is Kim Polisois and I am passionate about climbing. My stubborn and persevering nature, as well as my experience in sports and circus arts, quickly led me to want to surpass myself and learn all the facets of this sport.  One of these facets is setting. I have always been passionate and curious about the biomechanics of the human body and all its possibilities. Setting allows me to learn how the body works, how to get someone (or myself) to discover a way to move through the route/boulder and get to the top. When you open a very sequential or complex route, the climbers who try it have to come together to solve the problem, to share and help each other so that everyone learns the movements necessary to succeed. It is also a pleasure to receive comments from climbers and setters on what you are setting to analyze your own practice.


It's not just a physical work, you have to be creative, develop effective working methods and most importantly, in my opinion, you have to be open to criticism and get as many comments and solutions as possible to make your creations even more beautiful.


I love working with a team that likes to take the time to change the routes or boulders to make them more interesting.  It is a teamwork that is constantly evolving. I learn every day, it is a sharing of sensations, climbing and experience. I love it.