Flannery Shay-Nemirow has been climbing, sometimes competitively, for 15 years, specifically in the disciplines of sport and bouldering. While she's since stepped away from competing, she maintains contact with the scene by setting and forerunning high level national and international bouldering competitions.

Flannery has gone on to gain her Level 4 USAC route setting certification, and continues to work with gyms across the country. Even though she has a deep connection to the world of plastic pulling, her focus tends to be doing hard boulders outside, where she has climbed multiple V12s.  Flannery also worked coaching competitive youth teams on the west coast, and as a climbing specific bio-mechanical analyst in Boulder, Colorado.

Here's some of her setting experience:

- The Heist: Head Setter, 2 yrs
- Dark Horse #2: Assistant Head Setter
- Youth Bouldering Nationals: Assistant Head Setter
- American Bouldering Series: Assistant Head Setter
- Woman Up clinics and setting, 2 yrs
- Clinics for Women's climbing fest
- Forerunning for Vail IFSC World Cup
- Combined USA Invitational: Assistant Head Setter
- USA Bouldering Open National Championship: Assistant Head Setter
- IFSC Pan-Americain Championship: Assistant Head Setter



We mean business! We want to bring the knowledge to Canadian talent! Assist Flannery during the B.I.G workshops and elevate your skills. Positions are available at all the workshops.

Applicants must:
- have at least 18 months of routesetting experience
- be able to set in bouldering and on ropes
- be bilingual (French / English) for the Quebec workshop. Being bilingual is a bonus for any other workshop.
- have experience setting at least 1 competition

More information to come soon.