The B.I.G Initiative wants to take concrete action to help Canadian womxn achieve their goals in climbing. We think it's time to elevate the role of womxn within the climbing community and the way to do that is in 3 steps: give training, strengthen networks and give visibility. We want to give training to womxn and encourage gyms to hire them in central roles such as routesetting or coaching. We also want to create a community where female-led projects can gain momentum and have a meaningful impact on our sport and its culture.

Co-owner of Allez Up and Seven Bays, Geneviève has 15 years experience in the climbing industry. She wants things to be way doper for womxn in climbing and that probably the best way to do it, is to just do it.
Geneviève de la Plante
Freelance IT/SAP specialist with over 20 years of Logistics experience, Léa is way overqualified for what we need from her, and we're glad she's helping. She's also strong AF.
Léa Chin
Founding member
Her digital animations bring all the people to the yard. A freelance photographer and marketing nerd, Alexa is extremely hard working and a perfectionist. She also loves climbing and believes strongly in gender equality.
Alexa Fay
Founding Member
Member of the Quebec BAR since 2012, Sophie is a legal and marketing advisor in the organization of sports events. An outdoor addict, she loves everything from backcountry skiing, mountain biking and climbing.
Sophie Claivaz-Loranger
Founding member

Why The B.I.G Initiative?

If you see it, you can be it.

It's time to elevate the role of women in the climbing industry.

The more women can find jobs as routesetters, the more young girls and womxn will realize they can consider routesetting as a career path.The more women find sponsorship and funding for their projects, the more young girls and young women will dream up new projects and summits to reach. The more stories female climbers tell about their climbing experiences, the more young girls and women will connect to climbing.

Although women represent at least 40% percent of the climbing community at large, in Canada they are still under-represented in routesetting, in coaching and as sponsored athletes. And those who are working are frequently overlooked for advancements into head coaching, head routesetting or upper management.

"Women are over-mentored and under-sponsored." - Sallie Krawcheck.

It’s time to change that and Bring In the Girls.