Journeys: Video Portraits of Women in Climbing

March 8, 2021

Climbers are a proud community. We have a shared appreciation for this incredibly unique sport that drives us to continually push the limits  and explore the world in search of new terrain. It keeps us striving to redefine what’s possible.

Every day, on social media or in climbing media, we can watch amazing films and videos about the journeys of climbers attempting the most insane sends. These stories are captivating and inspiring. But are they the only stories climbing has to tell?  

If we were all just here to crush the ultra-hard grades, most climbers would have abandoned the sport. But we haven’t; we’re still here.  And if you think about the many paths that brought us to climbing, the reasons why we love it, and the extent to which we go to keep doing it, you find that climbing is incredibly rich in stories beyond those of new bold lines.

The impact and role of climbing in our lives is always evolving. What it means to each of us individually changes over time. We make choices along the way that take us away and then back to climbing. We meet people and have experiences that change our perspectives. We face unforeseen obstacles. There are as many stories as there are individual climbers.

We love films about hype sends and really daring climbs. And we are psyched that there are more and more bad ass women doing hardcore things in climbing. But we also think there are other kinds of stories worth telling, and there are other ways to be inspiring. We want to give a platform to shed light on some of those stories. And, in doing so, we  hope  to broaden the scope of what it means to be a female role model in climbing.